World Tasar Council Meeting

 Monday, January 5, 2015

Geographe Bay Yacht Club,

Busselton, WA Australia




1. Introductions and welcome


2. Approval of the agenda


3. Minutes of meeting of August 13, 2013


4. President's report


5. Regional reports Europe and TAUK Australia North America Japan


6. Executive Secretary's report (Chris Parkinson)


7. Designer's report (Julian Bethwaite)


8. Chief Measurer's report (Mike Karas)


9. Proposed rule changes Change to Rule C.1.5 (see attached)

10. Site of next World Championship

Note: the regular sequence for hosting World Championships would be:

Japan (2016/7)

UK (2018-19), 2 years after the Japan.


11. Other Business


12. Election of Officers President Vice President


13. Appointment of Officers Executive Secretary Chief Measurer