2013 Chief Measurers Report

Chief Measurers Report                                           August 2013

It is with pleasure that I present this report, summarising the measurement and development activities of the Tasar Class since we last met at Torbay in 2011.

I would like to begin by offering my thanks and congratulations to the 2013 Tasar Worlds Organising Team of Chuck Asper, Tony Norris, Mike Karas and the North American Tasar Organisation for the great work they have done in preparing for this regatta.

In particular, I would like to congratulate Event Measurers, Carl and Carol Buchan and the Measurement team for their efforts in ensuring a smooth pre regatta measurement and registration process and for implementing the post racing session class rules compliance program. While it all looks simple on the surface there's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes. It's important that these two parts of the regatta function smoothly so that participants can get on with the job of competing and enjoying the experience of a truly World class regatta.

And so to the report;

There are no specific matters arising from the Registration or Measurement process that need to be progressed through to the WTC.

The Designer has not indicated any specification changes to the Tasar that have taken place since our last meeting.

There are no Chief Measurer Interpretations needing to be referred to the WTC meeting for ratification as none have been made since the 2009 meeting.

At our last meeting at Torbay I reported on progress made towards single sourcing of Tasar specific parts for all new boats. I'm able to note that implementation of this program has largely been achieved. Ongoing availability of Tasar parts at affordable prices is the next challenge. Broadly, we need to obtain CAD drawings of all Tasar parts then work with agents to secure the best pricing and supply options for all fleets.

Also at our last meeting, the WTC agreed that Tasar Designer, Frank Bethwaite should proceed to investigate the development of a carbon fibre mast and report progress. Over several field sessions with Mr Bethwaite, we were able to determine that the carbon fibre tube section proposed for the new mast performed at least as well as the current oval shaped aluminium mast.

Unfortunately the passing of Frank Bethwaite in 2012 saw this work shelved for several months before being picked up again more recently by Tasar copyright holder, Julian Bethwaite.

The carbon fibre mast and other matters relating to further modernisation of the Tasar will be discussed further at this meeting.

Finally, arising from yesterday's meeting is a recommendation that the WTC should consider and if thought appropriate, allow the jib halyard to be terminated on the lower mast via a swivel cleat (RF5/RF20175 or similar) instead of the existing clam cleat. This would enable further fine adjustment of the rig 'on the fly' in much the same way as other adjustments - outhaul, downhaul, shrouds, etc.

With all these matters in mind, the class appears to have reached a point where important decisions need to be made about the boats ongoing development. I urge all Tasar sailors to consider carefully their position and to keep our design object in mind - that is to create a boat which provides the most fun and highest performance, within the strength of a man and a woman.

Submitted to the 2013 World Tasar Class meeting for consideration and acceptance.

Graham Hanna Chief Measurer