2011 Exec Sec Report

Executive Secretary's Report to 2011 World Council Meeting

Thanks to the UK Tasar Association

I would firstly like to thank the TAUK for organizing these 2011 Tasar World championships. It is always great to return to the UK and enjoy the warm welcome and outstanding hospitality of our hosts. Every world championship is a special event and this regatta at Torquay is no exception. John Trip, Pete Ellis, John Lawton, Neil Spacagna and the large team of volunteers from the TAUK and the Royal Torbay Yacht Club have worked incredibly hard to stage a great event. Thank you. I would also like to thank all the sponsors for their great support of the event.

The World Tasar Class Association

The WTCA is in sound condition. In January 2011 we reported membership of 552 boats in 5 countries to ISAF, an increase of 15 boats over 2010. Six countries were represented at the 2009 Worlds, and seven are represented here in Torquay.

The small fleet that was established in Thailand as part of the Phuket Worlds continues to sail and Bethwaite Design has had interest from Brazil and New Zealand about establishing agencies for the Tasar.


The Class is in a very strong financial position, having resolved the sail royalty issue. The sail  royaltys are now paid each time an order is placed with the sailmaker.

There is a total of over $A13,000 in the bank in two accounts, one in GBP and the other in AUD. The distribution of the funds as notified to the regions in June has not happened as account details from NATA as still required.

Since May 2007 the WTCA has received nearly $A18,000 in royalty payments.

Expenditure on the upgrade to the web site, hosting and maintenance costs for web site, and ISAF dues has totaled nearly $6,500. There are outstanding expenditures for the production of a book about the Tasar history of about $A7,700.

At the end of each calendar year surplus funds will be distributed to the regions based on the number of sails ordered by the agent in their region.

The regions will not have to contribute to WTC while it continues to receive sail royalty payments.


Our relationship with ISAF has changed somewhat following a submission by one of our members to ISAF, the Class is more on their radar now. Our annual dues paid to ISAF allow the class to hold world championships. For the class to retain its Recognized Class status we must continue to have significant numbers of members in at least 5 countries, and competitors from at least 5 countries in our world championships.

Class rules

At the Wakayama WTC two rule changes were proposed (retro fitting new equipment to existing boat and the spec for fitting RCB to existing boats) and the suspension of the crew weight rule.

Following the submission to ISAF it was recommend that the wording of any proposed rule changes should be submitted to the ISAF prior to them being voted on. The ISAF Class Rules Sub-committee approved the proposed wording of the changes to the rules C.2.1 (f) and C.2.2 (o) as submitted. However they did not consider it appropriate to suspend rules for such a long period of time and that it would be better practice to delete altogether the rule on crew weight.  If the class wished to resume crew weight control in September 2011, the rule change should be submitted to include it again nearer the time.


The Designer indicated that he would not support the removal of the weight rule. Under both the World Tasar Class Association Rules and the Agreement Relating to the Tasar One Design Class Boat as the Copyright Holder he has the right to veto such a rule change.

The views of WTC members were sought and it was agreed not to proceed with a vote on the weight rule.

In October 2010 the Regions were asked to vote on the proposed rule changes. To date all regions with the exception of TAUK and NATA have voted. The results have not been  published so as not to influence those that are yet to vote.

Web site

The WTCA web site has been totally redesigned and is functioning well. The site does not have a 'Forum' as it was felt that this is better left to the Regional web sites. Funding for the upgrade was met from the sail royalty. Hosting and maintenance costs will also be made from sail royalty payments. I will continue to maintain the site and any items people may wish to be posted on the site should be sent to me. I am always interested in getting suitable photographs to be used on the main banner of the site.

Tasar History

Liz Kemmis has completed her book, 'Tasar - A Bethwaite Legacy', on the history of the Tasar and it is hoped to have a formal book launch at these World Championships.

The book has been produced over the past two and a half years for the benefit of all Tasar and one design dinghy sailors.

I would like to thank Liz very much for the time and effort she put in, the book is a great read.

I would also like to thank all those who contributed to the book both directly and through their contributions to Tasar newsletters over the years. A special thanks should also go to Angela Cumming, a Tasar sailor from Canberra, who set out the book.

The book belongs to the Tasar community and will be distributed via the World Tasar Council to Tasar Regions

There will be limited numbers of the book available at Torbay.

The cost of the production of the book totaled approximately $A7700. I propose that the WTC pay for these items from the sail royalty funds currently held. The money will be recouped through the sale of the book.

The future - contemporary or classic?

In his report to the last WTC meeting, Richard, wrote of on-going challenges the class faces - should the Tasar continue to evolve as a contemporary, high performance dinghy that is competitive with newer designs, or should it become a classic design that provides satisfying performance and close racing, but is no longer state of the art?


He urged the class to continue to support evolutionary change, and not to allow the Tasar to become first a classic, and eventually a museum piece. I fully support this approach.

The ATC proposal regarding carbon fibre spar is another step in this approach.

While the class rules ensure that all decisions to change the Tasar must be approved by both the class and the builder, the builder may make changes a short notice citing 'circumstances of supply' as the reason  The class must maintain a close relationship with the builder to ensure that we are on top of any change.

The crew weight rule

As stated above, the Designer has indicated that he would not support the removal of the weight rule.

Frank Bethwaite has very strong views on the weight rule as can be seen from his recent correspondence with Alistair Murray, that have been posted on the WTCA web site. While he sees the rule as a blunt instrument he feels it is better than having none at all. He indicated that he may be prepared to consider a change to the weight rule if it was based on statistical analysis from an appropriately run trial.

Thanks for your support

Finally I would like to thank the members of the World Tasar Council, and in particular the Chief Measurer Graham Hanna and WTCA President Pete Ellis, for their support. I have had a very hard act to follow after Richards great job over many years.

Chris Parkinson

Executive Secretary, World Tasar Class Association

19 Sep 2011