2011 NATA Report

NATA Fleet Report

North American Tasar sailing finally has a pulse! After several years of lax participation we finally have some momentum. This year we had participation had 8 traveling regattas and the Can Am regattas had over 10 boats at each. This was a big leap from just two years ago.

The Vancouver, BC fleet continues to have strong participation for weeknight sailing with 15 plus boats regularly attending. The Seattle fleet has seen a recent surge of new sailors to the class and is finally starting to see weeknight sailing again this last summer. The Portland fleet has a few new sailors but is still only managing 2-5 boats for weeknight sailing. The buildup to the 2013 Worlds at Cascade Locks will certainly add to the momentum.

We still aren't seeing folks lining up to buy new boats. This likely won't happen until significant numbers of boats are regularly sailing on weeknights in Portland and Seattle and also traveling to regattas. Since, the cost to import just one boat is prohibitive at least 5 boats at a time will likely need to be pre-sold to justify the expense.


Tony Norris NATA President