2013 Exec Sec Report

Executive Secretary's Report to 2013 World Council Meeting

Thanks to the North American Tasar Association

I would firstly like to thank the NATA for organizing these 2013 Tasar World championships. It is great to return to the USA and enjoy the warm welcome and outstanding hospitality of our hosts. Every world championship is a special event and this regatta at Cascade Locks is no exception. Chuck Asper, Mike Karas, Molly Jackson, Tony Norris, the large team of volunteers from the NATA and the Columbia Gorge Racing Association have worked incredibly hard to stage a great event. Thank you. I would also like to thank all the sponsors for their great support of the event.

The World Tasar Class Association

The WTCA is in sound condition. In January 2013 we reported membership of 556 boats in 5 countries to ISAF, a similar number to 2012 Seven countries were represented at the 2011 Worlds, and six are represented here in Cascade Locks. There were 12 boats built in 2012 and 2 so far this year. In 2012 187 new sails were produced and to date 137 this year. A New Zealander attended the Australia Championships and on his return to NZ purchased and refurbished an old Tasar. He had entered these Worlds but had to withdraw due to family reasons. Discussions have been held between the builder, Xtreme, and Bethwaite Design about establishing an agent in New Zealand.


The Class is in a very strong financial position, with a steady income from sail royalties. The current balance of the accounts $A2,348.70. Last year the income was $A3,836 and expenditure was $A2,069. $A2,000 was distributed to the Regions in January 2013 At the end of each calendar year surplus funds will be distributed to the regions based on the number of sails ordered by the agent in their region. While ever the Class continues to receive sail royalty payments there will be no requirement for the Regions to contribute funds for the running of the WTC.


Our annual dues paid to ISAF allow the class to hold world championships. For the class to retain its Recognized Class status we must continue to have significant numbers of members in at least 5 countries, and competitors from at least 5 countries in our world championships. During 2012 ISAF queried our registered number of boats in USA and Canada as they were below the number required. They were assured that the numbers would increase with the 2013 Worlds being held in that Region.

Class rules

Firstly I must apologise for the delay in processing this issue. The two rule changes from the Wakayama WTC meeting are currently with ISAF (retro fitting new equipment to existing boat and the spec for fitting RCB to existing boats) along with the one rule change proposed at the Torquay WTC meeting(C.2.1.(c)). It is expected that these will all be approved by the ISAF Rules Committee in the near future and will be incorporated into the Class Rules.

Tasar History

The book, 'Tasar - A Bethwaite Legacy', by Liz Kemmis, was launched at the last Worlds and copies have been distributed to the Regions with the money raised from the sales staying with the Regions. There are copies of the book here at Cascade Locks for sale and distribution to the Regions.

WTC Communication

Just about all WTC communications are via email and it is important that I have up to date details of office bearers of all Region and Districts. Could I urge you to notify me as soon as any changes occur. This will also allow me to up date the information on the WTCA web site.

Bethwaite Design

Over the last 12 months there have been major changes that have affected the administration of the Tasar class. Bethwaite Design is no longer involved as a retail business. That part of the business has been transferred to NB Sailsports who are doing a great job supporting the Tasar in Australia. However, they are an agent just like those in the USA, UK and Japan. What has been lost is the coordination between the agents and the builder and the class that was undertaken by Bethwaite Design. The Exec Sec is now responsible for the procurement and distribution of ISAF plaques for new boats.

The future

I believe the Tasar should continue to evolve as a contemporary, high performance dinghy that is competitive with newer designs. However we must also be very aware of what we currently have as a Class. We have a wide demographic with a strong emphasis on competitive sailing matched with an equally strong emphasis on socialising and enjoying each others company. Any changes should be aimed at building this diamanic and should not in any way erode it. The class rules ensure that all decisions to change the Tasar must be approved by both the class and the copy right holder. The copy right holder may make changes a short notice citing 'circumstances of supply' as the reason The class must continue maintain a close relationship with the copy right holder to ensure agreement to any change.

Thanks for your support

Finally I would like to thank the members of the World Tasar Council for their support. In particular I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the Chief Measurer Graham Hanna who is stepping down after 8 years in the position. His enthusiasm for the Tasar class and the support he has given me in this roll over the last 4 years has been outstanding.

Chris Parkinson Executive Secretary, World Tasar Class Association 11 August 2013