2015 Chief Measurur Report

Chief Measurers Report                                              January 2015



I would like to begin by offering my thanks and congratulations to Scott Olsen and the 2015 Tasar Worlds Organizing Team, and the Geographe Bay Yacht Club, and the Australian Tasar Organization for the great work they have done in preparing for this regatta.


In particular, I would like to congratulate Event Measurers, Roger Best and his team for their efforts in ensuring a smooth pre regatta measurement and registration process and for implementing the post racing session class rules compliance program. There is a lot of effort and organization that goes into making the measurement process run smoothly. It's important that these two parts of the regatta function smoothly so that participants can instead focus competing and enjoying the experience of a world-class regatta.


To the report:


There are no specific matters arising from the Registration or Measurement process that need to be progressed through to the WTC.


There has been a specification change to the Tasar that has taken place since our last meeting. Designer has indicated that hand holds are not required to be installed in new boats and kit hulls, as the holes will not come supplied by the builder. The information of specification change should have been more widely circulated among the Tasar associations, and which I will mention a little later.


There are no Chief Measurer Interpretations needing to be referred to the WTC meeting for ratification as none have been made since the 2013 meeting.


Arising from yesterday's meeting a few issues that were agreed to which needed to be brought forward:


A better method, or greater effort to distribute information to the class is needed - whether from the intents of the designer, interpretations from the measurer, or proposed improvements to rules or the boat. This could be achieved either from greater use or implementation of the new more centralized website, or perhaps a hierarchical email distribution through the measurers, and/or secretaries.


There have been several proposed improvements and modifications to the rules, which have been brought forward by the Tasar Association of Victoria. The intent was to begin a discussion of how to update the class to better the boat either by improving the ease of sailing, or to address advancements in modern technology. Among these are proposed changes to: hatch covers, the main sheet strop, dagger board attachment, crew weight, jib sheet ratchet blocks, tiller attachment, and control of electronic equipment.

As you can see there are a number of class rules, which members are interested in updating and improving, but which will require more thought, discussion, testing, and data before a formal proposal can be brought forth to the WTC for adoption by the class.


Therefore I would like to bring a proposal forward to the WTC, that a technical committee comprised of a representative from each region of the Tasar class be formed. This committee would work though proposed updates and improvements, and bring forward a proposed change to the WTC for approval.

Secondly, for proposed changes requiring development of new hardware, testing, and data acquisition - some funding support from the WTC would be needed. For this I would request some portion of class dues be allocated toward this effort.


Thanks for the opportunity to bring forth these issues. I look forward to more fun sailing this week.


Submitted to the 2015 World Tasar Class meeting for consideration and acceptance.


Mike Karas

Chief Measurer