2015 Region Report - TAUK

John Lawton, immediate past vice-chairman of TAUK, reported:


The U.K. Tasar scene remains fairly static. Although a container with 5 new boats was delivered in 2013, and there are supposed to be others interested in acquiring new boats, attendance at events remains low.


Members don't seem prepared to travel: reasons are possibly those of cost ie fuel in the Uk is approx double that in Australia, accommodation etc.

The last 2 Nationals have only attracted entries of around 20, whereas previous years have seen 30-40 entries.


Another issue is the vast choice of dinghies in the Uk. The cost of a new Tasar is quite high, which is one reason our UK supplier, Mandy Stock of Signal Locker, has asked about being allowed to build Tasar hulls in the UK.

However, we remain hopeful the class will survive in the UK.


John Lawton.