2009 Minutes of the WTC meeting

World Tasar Class Association
Minutes of the World Council meeting held at Wakayama, September 22, 2009 at 6:00 PM.

World Council Members    




Gary Brandt North America delegate for the President, NATA

Graham Hanna


Chief Measurer

John Tripp


Chair, TAUK

Richard Spencer North America Executive Secretary WTCA
Haruyuki Yamamoto Japan delegate for the President, WTCA & JTA



Frank Bethwaite Australia Designer
Pete Ellis TAUK past President
George Motoyoshi Japan President WTCA & JTA
Chris Parkinson Australia Past President, WTCA
Michael Paynter Australia President, ATC


Name Region Name Region
Sumiko Ishimaru Japan Tomoyuki Miyashita Japan
Hiromichi Kameyama Japan Masaru Noguchi Japan
Fumio Kaneko Japan Takao Otani Japan
Elizabeth Kemis Australia Tomohiro Sugita Japan
Tim Knight UK Noriko Tanaka Japan
Yoshinobu Kure Japan Ayumi Tani Japan
Shelley Macy North America Constantijn Udo Europe


1.  Introductions and welcome
Richard Spencer took the chair on behalf of George Motoyoshi and introduced those present.
2. Agenda
The agenda was adopted, with the Designer's report moved to the last item on the agenda.
3.  Minutes
The minutes of the World Council meeting of July 3, 2007, as posted on the web, were approved.
4.  President's report.
George Motoyoshi was unable to be present. A written report was presented by Haruyuki Yamamoto on his behalf.
(During a break in the meeting, the Japan Tasar Association presented a cake to the outgoing Executive Secretary.)
5.  Regional reports
Europe.  John Tripp presented a written report on behalf of Pete Ellis. John noted that TAUK has come up with an unusual way of paying for the 2011 Worlds. He suggested that people who are interested should register for the event as soon as they can.
Constantijn Udo reported that there are 10 to 15 Tasars in Germany. Their participation was split between two events, one in Munchen, and one in Northern Germany. Signal Locker is supporting the German fleet, and Constantijn hopes that there will be some German entrants in the 2011 Worlds. John Tripp said that combining the UK and Europe nationals didn't work - the boats are too spread out to make participation in a combined event a reality.
Australia.  Graham Hanna reported that there ismore interest in the Tasar now than at any other time. A third shipment of 10 new Tasars has arrived from the builder in Indonesia. Some new boats have gone to South Australia and Western Australia. Most boats are sold as kit boats, and the owners complete the fit out. This has led to some concerns with incorrect placement of fittings. All kit boats are inspected by Bethwaite Design or Martyn Sly before the ISAF stickers are issued.
The 2010 Australian Championships are being held in Airlie Beach, Queensland, from the 3rd to the 10th of July. These warm water championships are being organized following the Phuket model. Everyone is invited.
North America.  Gary Brandt presented a written report.
Japan.  Haruyuki Yamamoto referred to the written report from George Motoyoshi, President of the WTCA, which was presented earlier in the meeting.
6.  Executive Secretary's report.  Richard Spencer presented a written report.
7. Chief Measurer's report. Graham Hanna presented his written report, and also reported on issues that had been raised at the measurer's sub-committee meeting. The pre-regatta measurement process had worked well, and there were very few measurement issues at this Worlds.
There was a suggestion from North America that we allow adjustable diamonds. The WTCA encourages investigation of this idea, and is interested in hearing more about it, before considering whether to propose this to the class.
Tomo Miyashita said that the hounds to deck measurement had caused some problems in Japan, as some Japanese masts were too short, and it is expensive to fix this. It was suggested that the simplest fix would be to put packing under the mast step.
Concern was expressed that some of the new cast aluminum rudder stocks have failed (a broken rudder stock was passed around). There was also concern that they are not interchangeable with previous designs.
Action: Graham Hanna said he would raise both issues with the designer.
TAUK suggested the class consider moving to an all up sailing weight, instead of a bare hull weight as required by the current rules. It was agreed that boats would be weighed at this event, to check the suggested all up weight of 93kg.
TAUK also suggested that the class adopt a carbon fibre boom, as this would be cheaper than the present alloy boom. Graham Hanna clarified that there is no intention to move to a one piece carbon fibre mast. This would be very difficult, and in some cases illegal, to transport. Graham emphasised that any carbon fibre mast that might be proposed in the future must be two piece.
Interpretations. In accordance with the Class constitution, interpretations 37 and 38 were approved by the World Council, and therefore continue in effect (they remain subject to final approval by ISAF).
Action: Chris Parkinson to forward these interpretations to ISAF for their approval
Proposed changes to rules C.2.1 and C.2.2. The proposal to ask the class to approve changes to rules C.2.1 and C.2.2 was passed. The proposed wording will be reviewed by the Executive Secretary and the Chief Measurer, before these rules are circulated to the regions and districts for voting by the membership.
Crew weight rule. In response to the Executive Secretary's report, the elimination of rule C.6, Crew Weight was discussed. Fumio Kaneko pointed out that some people in Japan are saying that the rule C.6 should be eliminated, and noted that both the NS14 and 49er classes have eliminated their crew equalization rules. The member for NATA reported that North America is holding their regattas without applying rule C.6.
After discussion, Constantijn Udo proposed that we ask the memberhship to approve the suspension of this rule, on a trial basis, for the 2011 Worlds in Torbay. This was approved. The standard voting procedure for class rule changes will be used.
All up weight. A motion to propose that rule D.3, Hull Weight, be amended to require an all up weight for the Tasar, fully rigged and ready to sail, of 93kg, was passed, subject to review of the precise wording, and the appropriate all up weight, by a small committee headed by Graham Hanna.
Action: Graham Hanna to advise on the appropriate all up weight.
Action: Chris Parkinson to ask the regions and districts to vote on tbe four proposed rule changes.
GPS. Yoshinobu Kure asked if the class would consider allowing boats to carry GPS tracking units, provided these cannot be used to provided information to the crew while racing. The Chief Measurer will issue an interpretation to allow this.
Action: Graham Hanna to issue an interpretation.
8. Site of the next World Championship.
2011. John Tripp confirmed that the 2011 Worlds will be held in Torbay from the 17th to the 23rd of September, 2011.
2013. A proposal from Tony Norris on behalf of NATA to hold the World Championships at Cascade Locks from August 9th to 17th, 2013, was approved.
9. Other business.
Problems with the new rudder stock underline the need for the class to be more pro-active in discussing and approving specification and equipment changes before they are adopted by the builder. Richard Spencer noted that class rule A.1.2 requires not only the builder, but also the association, to approve any alterations to the Tasar.
Action: Graham Hanna agreed to discuss this issue with the designer and builder.
Haruyuki Yamamoto emphasized the imnportance of maintainin the Tasar as a strict one design class. He also asked if there could be more time on the agenda for discussion at future World Council meetings. Discussion with members for various countries present is important in renewing the Tasar vision.
Takao Otani suggested there should be a list of approved parts for the Tasar. The designer and builder could agree on this list with their agents and dealers, and the list could be on the class website. Ken Pearson said all parts should be "unmodified".
10.  Election of Officers.
The following were elected: President - Pete Ellis, President, TAUK Vice President - Tony Norris, NATA
11. Appointment of Officers
Measurer - Graham Hanna, ATC Executive Secretary - Chris Parkinson, ATC
12. Designer's report.
The Designer's written report was presented by Graham Hanna.
The World Council passed a motion to make Richard Spencer an honorary life member of the World Council. It was confirmed that this was a voting membership
The meeting adjourned at 9 pm.