2011 Future Directions

Australian Tasar Council Incorporated

Tasar Future Directions Planning Conference

Attendees         Frank Bethwaite              FB               Designer
        Martyn Sly MS Bethwaite Design
        Chris Parkinson CP WTC Exec Secretary
        Michael Paynter MP ATC President
        Adrian Nicholson AN ATC Secretary
        Alistair Murray AM Ronstan International

Welcome by Mike Paynter for everyone making the effort to attend our Future Directions Planning Conference. As an aside, FB alerted us to a lovely concept - the 'Lovelocks Principle' where you have 90% chance of living for the next 2.4 years - so get out and do it!
Carbon Fibre Spars
Introduction       The Designer FB and license holder Julian have advised that there is a limited life span of Aluminium Spars and a consequential increase in cost. In the medium term, it is inevitable that we will move to Carbon Fibre spars as have other classes in the Bethwaite stable of skiffs. J Objects       The designer tabled a paper which outlined the objects of a carbon fibre mast as being:

• Two piece • Robust, long life • Free from electrolysis problems • Be at least equal to, if not better than the present mast • Match the mylar sails • Easier rotation function • No diamonds • Cost less than alloy spar

Technical Specifications       FB gave a presentation on the CF mast and what it would look like. It would be a wing shape approx. 4 inch wide 2.5 inches deep. Carbon fibre will be placed up the sides of the mast to eliminate the use of Diamonds. However to keep the reaching speed we will need to keep a rotating lever concept, but this will become a much simpler device. Need to consider that the mast breaking strain is greater than the Side Stay breaking strain. Needs to match the current Mylar Sail specification. The most tricky bit is to match the top section to the shape of the current Mylar Sails. The new Mast will be lighter than the old mast by approx. 3 - 4 Kilos

Approval processes      Chris P outlined the necessary process for getting changes through the WTC. Changes can put forward by any region eg AUS, but we must ensure Japan is involved and notes are forwarded in Japanese to them. ATC to put motion to AUS districts and get approval to put motion at UK WTC meeting in September 2011.

Timing The question was debated as to whether the Tasar sailors consider this proposal now or do we wait another 5 or 10 years for better technology or cheaper price? After much debate and input (especially from FB) it was thought that the timing was right now as there were no other significant CF improvements in the foreseeable future. The production of the mast as a separate replacement not involving the sail makes the concept easier to buy in for members, however, we do need to think about the cost - current rigged Mast is $1400, Top Section $750 and boom $700 (Total $2,850). The CF rig needs to be cheaper than this price.

The next ATC meeting is in March 16th and the next WTC meeting is in UK September 2011. The ATC would ask for opinion from the AUS districts by say the June ATC meeting. WTC could start communications to other world districts to discuss. ATC may produce a paper if approved by AUS districts after March meeting and conduct a vote in June prior to submission to WTC as a motion of 'in principle support' in September in the UK.

It is important to remember that alongside the tasar sailing community's approval of this concept is the actual development path of the CF Mast, this may take a while and there are a few feasibility stages to work through. Now that there is a conceptual plan for the spars, the next step is to obtain a ball park price to ensure this is OK for the market. This could be done by Mid-2011. FB can do the basic design concept by say end of the 2011. AFTER the WTC UK meeting and approval given, then FB to do Mock-Up Mast at end of 2011 and start 2012 season. Then sea trials of mock up mast to be conducted by a volunteer crew or crews under the observation of FB, in a manner similar to the sea trials of the Mylar sails. It is anticipated that detail fine tuning of the stiffness of the topmast is likely during this stage. Once AUS trials are finalized he WTC needs to seek to get other tasar regions involved and committed. This is vital to the harmony of the class. There is no reason to rush this concept through, all Regions are to be involved. We have the Nth American Worlds in July 2013 and Aus Worlds 2014/15.

So once Mock up done and class trials have been successful, the change can be introduced via email through the regions, so by end of Sept 2012 the WTC could seek approval for a commit from all districts. Once decision is made then the steps would be

• Computer generated mandrel design to mimic mock up spars • Computer guided alloy mandrel production • Production of prototype carbon spar and joiner to mimic strength and flexibility of mock up spars • Sea trials of prototype carbon spars and new fittings • Clearance for commercial production

This will all take at least one year, so it would be AFTER the North American World titles before the new spars would be available.

Tour of Ronstan Factory What an amazing, clean and people friendly place to visit, every Tasar sailor should visit. Many thanks Alistair for your hospitality, the ATC is very appreciative of Ronstan's constant support.