2011 WTC President Report

WTC Presidents Report


A big thank you to all of the UK Worlds Organising Committee for their work in organizing this event. A lot of time has been put into the event at times of economic difficulty and a great event has resulted. This was a great choice of venue where the ethos of a whole Tasar event was taken into consideration so that competitors could enjoy the event both on the water and off the water.

The Tasar class is facing difficult times on different sides of the World. Increasing competition from large commercial backed classes mean that the class has worked very hard to maintain its share of the market. The class still offers the fast, competitive racing with a friendly atmosphere in the boat park that Frank intended when he penned the design.

Since the last WTC meeting numerous evolutions have occurred within the class. The website has been upgraded to have a more modern look. This is still work in progress as we ensure that none of our vast bank of resources is lost or left behind in the transition.

Chris Parkinson, Graham Hannah and Bethwaite Design have worked on standardizing Tasar specific parts around the world. This was carried out working with the designer in line with the WTC's request from the last meeting when carrying out specification changes. The feedback received from each WTC region and modification to the plan showed a positive manner of the WTC working with the designer. This has meant that the same quality of parts selected are available worldwide.

In what will be an important few years for the class I would encourage each region to continue working with the WTC, as the executive work with the Designer more collaboratively than ever before to meet the needs of the class. Whilst it could be assumed that a non response to an email is a positive one it would be nice for a bit more communication.

I would like to thank Chris and Graham for their tireless work within the class. Clynton from Bethwaites is considering giving Chris his own desk there due to him spending so much time in the office and Graham continues to do an excellent job with the measurement issues within the class. I would also like to thank those of you on the WTC for your continued support to your regions.