2015 Exec Secretary Report

Executive Secretary's Report to 2015 World Council Meeting

Thanks to the Tasar Association Western Australian

I would firstly like to thank the TAWA for organizing these 2015 Tasar World championships. It is great to return to WA and enjoy the warm welcome and outstanding hospitality of our hosts. Every world championship is a special event and this regatta On Geographe Bay is no exception. The initial small group from the TAWA who were successful with their bid to host this event has grown and has worked incredibly hard to stage a great event. They have received assistance from the Geographe Bay Yacht Club and their great team of volunteers.

Thank you.
I would also like to thank all the sponsors for their great support of the event.

The World Tasar Class Association

The WTCA is in sound condition. In January 2014 we reported membership of 574 boats in 5 countries to ISAF, a similar number to 2013. Six countries were represented at the 2013 Worlds, and seven are represented here in Geographe Bay.

There were 26 boats built in 2014, 21 in Australia and 5 in the UK.

In 2013 159 new sails were produced and 238 in 2014. 65% for Australia, 16% North America, 10% UK and 9% Japan.


The Class is in a very strong financial position, with a steady income from sail royalties.

The current balance of the accounts $A963.03.

Last year the income was $A6,070.75 and expenditure was $A7,880.75.

In 2013 the income was $3,875.79 and expenditure was $A3,780.54.

$A5,000 was distributed to the Regions in December 2014, this was the surplus for the last 2 years.

In February 2013 $A1940 was also distributed to the Regions.

While ever the Class continues to receive sail royalty payments there will be no requirement for the Regions to contribute funds for the running of the WTC.

Our annual dues paid to ISAF allow the class to hold world championships.
For the class to retain its Recognized Class status we must continue to have significant numbers of members in at least 5 countries, and competitors from at least 5 countries in our world championships.

Class rules

A revised set of Class Rules were finally approved by ISAF in December 2014 and posted on both the ISAF and the WTC web sites.

The changes were the two from the Wakayama WTC meeting (retro fitting new equipment to existing boat and the spec for fitting RCB to existing boats)  along with the one rule change proposed at the Torquay WTC meeting(C.2.1.(c)).

This has been a long drawn out process and I believe that as a relatively minor Class we do not get prompt responses from ISAF.

Resolution from Cascade Locks WTC

At the WTC meeting at Cascade Locks the following motion was passed;

"That the WTC. support design and trials of carbon fibre spars with a new sail plan for the Tasar dinghy. That subject to a successful trial, further approvals be sought at the next WTC meeting for their introduction. That the Regions report back to the Exec Sec of the views of their members on this within 3 months. Also, their views on the proposed changes to the hull"

Regions and Districts were asked to vote on this resolution in December 2013. The result was that just over 50% were in favour of the motion with most reporting that the vote in their Region and District were very close.

Given this result the Copyright Holder, Julian Bethwaite, was not prepared to commit time and money to this project.

The Web Site

As most of you would have noticed the WTC web site has recently been redesigned and now has provision for all District and Regions to have their own sections. I would like to thank the ATC who funded and coordinated this development. In particular I would like to thank the Secretary of the ATC, Adrian Nicholson, who did most of the work on this project.

The future

Given the above, I still believe that the Tasar should continue to evolve as a contemporary, high performance dinghy that is competitive with newer designs. However we must also be very aware of what we currently have as a Class. We have a wide demographic with a strong emphasis on competitive sailing matched with an equally strong emphasis on socialising and enjoying each others company.

Any changes should be aimed at building this dynamic and should not in any way erode it.

The class rules ensure that all decisions to change the Tasar must be approved by both the class and the copyright holder. The copyright holder may make changes at short notice citing 'circumstances of supply' as the reason  The class must continue to maintain a close relationship with the copyright holder to ensure agreement to any change.


Just about all WTC communications are via email and it is important that I have up to date details of office bearers of all Region and Districts. Could I urge you to notify me as soon as any changes occur. This will also allow me to update the information on the WTCA web site.

Thanks for your support

As I advised with the notice of this meeting, I will be stepping down from the position of Exec Sec of the WTC.

For the past 18 years I have been on either District, Regional or World Tasar committee and at times all 3 at the same time. I have been on the WTC for the last 15 years with the last 6 as Exec Sec, it is now time for others to step up.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement with the Class, meeting and working with Tasar sailors from around the World.

Finally I would like to thank the members of the World Tasar Council for their support


Chris Parkinson

Executive Secretary, World Tasar Class Association

5 January 2015