2015 Region Report - Japan

5th January, 2015


Region report from Japan


1.Activity summary of 2013 & 2014

We had 7 regattas in 2013. The 28th Nationals was held at OGA, Akita prefecture,      one of the famous hot-spring areas in north-east Japan in July. Staying at the same Hotel-hot spring inn, all participants enjoyed both on-off shores events. This was the first Tasar regatta held at the Sea of Japan side.

In 2014, we also had 7regattas and total of 125 boats joined. Trainings for improving sailing performance were held four times in both east and west area. A lecture for a more accurate understanding of RRS supported by JSAF (Japan Sailing Federation) carried out in winter.

The 29th Nationals was held at Inage, Chiba prefecture in November. A new generation team, Mr.Yamamura & Mr.Yoshida (JPN2736, MIYAKO), won for the first time. It is encouraging for us that 20s and 30s sailors like them getting stronger in recent years.

The 30th Nationals will be held at ENOSHIMA, Kanagawa prefecture this October, as a memorial event. Enoshima is the place where Yoshikawa san, "the Father of Tasar in Japan" introduced his first Tasar (2103) to Japanese in 1985.


2. A new board launching

The new board of JTA has launched in April 2014. The board focuses on building up member's sailing skills and promoting Tasar in Japan more than ever. To increase Tasar lovers, we are also engaged in "welcome back promotion" as well.


※2014-2015 Board of JTA

President: Ikuya Tanaka

Vice President & Public Relations: Hiromichi Kameyama

Treasurer: Youhei Ikeda

Secretary: Mahoro Sekiguchi (Ms.), Katsumi Watanabe

Measurer: Tatsuya Karube

Regatta Planner: Mitsuru Tateuchi

Build-up Sailing Skills*  Yasunori Ueda, Mitsuru Komatsu, Yasuaki Muragishi     *:Newly-established section


3. The next Worlds in Japan

Gamagori, Aichi prefecture was chosen for the next Worlds venue. With consideration for racing schedule of other Classes and period for preparation, we decided to have this big event in the summer (from end of July to early August) of 2017.

Steady summer sea breeze and reliable racing organization at Gamagori will give us a fulfilling racing. Staying at Japanese style inn with hot spring, enjoying lip-smacking Japanese food, and more for experience Japan will make your holiday perfect. For details, find attached invitation please. Also please enjoy a presentation by Japanese team will be given in this evening (on 5th).

As we are finalizing the schedule, more details are coming soon. Please visit our website. (http://tasarworlds2017.org).

We look forward to seeing you again at Gamagori, hoping that more than 100 boats get together from over the world.


Ikuya Tanaka, JTA President